Shutters Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

One way to give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank is to add vinyl shutters.  Historically shutters were actively closed when bad weather was approaching to keep out foul weather.  Today, however, most homes in our area only have shutters for their decorative value.

There are several different designs of shutters, and a plethora of different colors to ensure the custom look you’re hoping for.  The two main designs include panel and louvered shutters.  Historically you would find panel shutters on the lower level of a home to help increase the security of the home while louvered would be used on upper levels to help with ventilation.  Today it’s really the choice of the homeowner to choose the color and style that best suits them.  To help decide if your home needs shutters or not, consider these before & after photos:

Image of Before & After Shutter Installation

Before & After Shutter Installation

This is an excellent inexpensive upgrade to your existing home as well as a great add-on to an existing replacement window or replacement siding project!  If you’re interested in new shutters, contact us today for a free estimate at 419-352-4559!

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